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Set Apart: hermitages of northern Spain

In the summer of 2010 I visited the Picos de Europa region of northern Spain, for a walking holiday with a group of friends. Bad weather forced us to look for alternative activities, and I visited the monastery of San Toribio, near the small town of Potes. Scattered around the hillside above the monastery I discovered a group of former hermitages - some of them very ancient. My imagination was stimulated to explore ideas of a possible relationship between sacredness and separation from the everyday world. (In fact, I find this idea to be deeply problematic.) The reference material I collected developed, on my return to England, into a series of fourteen images, executed primarily in watercolour, but many with the addition of some gold leaf.

A selection only of the images is displayed here.

At present the individual images are not for sale. Each image measures 25x25 cms. Complete sets of high quality giclee prints (fifteen images including the title page) are available in a professionally produced presentation box, at £850 each. A fully illustrated catalogue is also available on request at £3.50.

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