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I have been writing a daily blog for more than six years now. The purpose of this is to give readers some kind of insight into how my activity as an artist relates (or perhaps sometimes fails to relate) to other aspects if life. In that respect I try to mix simple factual accounts of the activities in which I am directly engaged, as both a "producer" and also as a "consumer" of art (such as visiting galleries) with things which have a less obvious relevance, in my immediate family, my community, or the world more generally. All of these things are relevant to my art, even if is the case that on occasions they constitute serious distractions from creative activity.

The blog might include an opportunity for me to share ideas about developing projects, to comment on reading I'm doing, or to reflect on the work of fellow artists. Occasionally I put up images of work in progress, or items that illustrate things I'm writing about. Every now and then I have to confess that I indulge in sounding off about the world in general .... even that can be considered to touch on my artistic activity.

You will never know from one day to the next what to expect, because I don't either. Sometimes what I write is in the form of a fairly considered argument: sometimes it is very spontaneous. I enjoy writing it, and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Your response and comment is always welcome, and you are invited to take advantage of the "comment" facility.


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