About Me

One of my earliest memories is of drawing. Although my career was made as a university teacher (becoming an internationally known expert on Yugoslav affairs) art always remained in the back of my mind as the thing I really wanted to do.

In the early 'nineties I began tentatively to exhibit my work. I took early retirement from the University of Bradford in July 2001, in order to paint (and to climb!) taking every opportunity that presented itself to study art, primarily but not exclusively through courses offered at the Bradford College. In 2009 I was fortunate to be awarded a one-year mentorship, funded by the EU and administered by Fabric, studying with Graeme Willson.

For some time I concentrated on landscape drawing and painting, often with the themes
of rock and rock-climbing, although subsequently the themes of my work have become much more diverse, as the "galleries" on this site will indicate.

For the past three years I have been keeping a blog (accessible through the home page of this site) in which I try to give readers some idea of the life and experience of an artist, and things related to the viewpoint and activity of artists. I try to make this entertaining as well as informative, intimate as well as addressing issues of general interest. Please do take the time to look at it. I hope you find it worthwhile and will find in it reasons for regular visits.

Membership of Associations
I am associated with The South Square Centre, located in the Bradford suburb of Thornton, and a founder member of the Unit 9 gallery there.
I am also a supporter of the Friends of the Stanley Spencer Gallery and of the Estorick Collection.

'Stenli Spenser: Angliski umetnik vo Makedonija' (Stanley Spencer: An English artist in Macedonia), Kulturen Život, XXVII, 9—10, 1983, pp. 55—60 (ISSN: 0047—3731)

'An artist's response to prehistoric landscapes', Prehistory Research Section Bulletin of
the Yorkshire Archaeological Society
, December 2007, pp. 81-2 (ISSN 0309-491X)

'Bill Redburn: a life in parts' A critical appreciation of the life and work of this artist, together with an anthology of illustrations. Available in CD format, by request.

All of the items displayed on this site are subject to copyright, and may not be reproduced without permission.