How Stean and Upper Nidderdale

The How Stean Gorge is a deep cleft in the limestone of North Yorkshire, where the River Nidd has carved into the rock. This dramatic formation has become something of a tourist attraction. Over the years I have found inspiration as an artist, particularly in the relationship between rock and water, and the movement of the water over the underlying rock. Over the course of time my interest has spread beyond the gorge itself to encompass the river more generally. It was never planned this way, but all of these studies are executed in soft pastels.

To save space in these galleries information is always presented in the following abbreviated form. Title: medium (p=pastel; op=oil pastel; ap=acrylic on paper; ac=acrylic on canvas; w=watercolour; mm=mixed media; pr=a high quality giclee print is available): size (in cm. WxH); price (in £).

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The things below and …. above (Pastel)

Towards Evening (p; 20x10; £285)

Before the Fall (Pastel)