Not only ... but also ...
Life never fits tidily into boxes ... and neither does art! For some strange reason trees seem to be figuring more and more in my recent work.

To save space in these galleries information is always presented in the following abbreviated form. Title: medium (p=pastel; op=oil pastel; ap=acrylic on paper; ac=acrylic on canvas; w=watercolour; mm=mixed media; pr=a high quality giclee print is available): size (in cm. WxH); price (in £).

The Leeds Wall "Adventure Zone"  

Retreat to the North (W; 4-x22; £145)

Thirty Pieces (Mm; 30x30; £100)

Dawn: basket by the shore (p; 20x10; £285)

Encounter (Acrylic and pastel)

Behold the Lamb (Acrylic)

The Tree of Marriage (Acrylic)




Achnacroish Tree (ac; 10x10; £45 unframed)

Old Artichoke (p; 10x10; £100)

Tree/Rock (p; 11.5x17.5; £285)

Ancient Olives  at the Pont du Garde

The Virgin of the Rocks (p; 60x50; £685)



Wild goats of Galloway (op; 75X75; £1,285)

We'll put to sea no more (p; sold)