My interest in the subject of time took a new turn in 2013 when, on a mountaineering visit to the Carnia area of north-eastern Italy, I discovered an open-air museum dedicated to preserving a section of the trenches from the Great War. I was challenged by the idea of war in an alpine landscape. Much more so, however, I was impressed by the continuing importance within the local culture of the remains of that war. The following year I made a second visit, based upon the village of Timau, and began to plan a series of pictures based upon this theme.

The series is entitled 'Presente!', which can be rendered both as 'present' (in time) and 'here', and in that sense it is the word used by Italian soldiers during a roll-call.

To save space in these galleries information is always presented in the following abbreviated form. Title: medium (p=pastel; op=oil pastel; ap=acrylic on paper; ac=acrylic on canvas; w=watercolour; mm=mixed media; pr=a high quality giclee print is available): size (in cm. WxH); the items in this series are currently not for sale, although a fully-illustrated catalogue is available.

Dulce et decorum est (Ac and structure paste; 55x33;NFS)

Resurrection (Ac; 80x56; NFS)

Via Ferrata/Deposition (Ac; 30x60, 60x90, 30x60; NFS)

Quadrega (Ac; 4 panels 80x46; NFS)

Krampus (Ac; 56x80; NFS)

Burdens Ac: 50x1000; NFS)

Defence against Heaven (Ac + texture paste; 40x76; NFS)

The Black Feathers (Le Penne Nere) (Ac; 76x61; NFS)

Observed (ac + mm; 60x45; NFS)

The Hay Bath (Ac; 60x30; NFS)

Wire/Crucfixion (ac; 40x50; NFS)

This way/No way (Ac + mm; 55x33; NFS)